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Oom Yung Doe Program Helps Autistic Children from Oom Yung Doe Florida

We have a 6 year old boy who has a diagnosis of PDD-NOS*. He started the focus training with Instructor Andrew about 5 weeks back. I have seen a lot of changes in him since then:

1) He has become more alert. He notices what people are doing around him and talking about much more than before. Even in school, Ishan is doing a lot better as he is more present in terms of his attention.

2) He has become a lot more confident about himself and that translates into more willing to try out new things. He is more confident in talking and playing with his friends.

3) A lot of subtle changes in his gross motor skills, he learned how to jump rope as he can jump with two feet now, he learned balance on the scooter. He is able to hop on one foot so now he wants to play hopscotch, he runs less awkwardly, etc.

4) His reaction time is faster as he practices dodge, duck and other exercises with his Instructor.

5) His general mood also stays better as he loves to go for his sessions and loves the physical exercises and challenges his Instructor tailors for him.

We are very happy with the progress our son has been making and will totally recommend this training for all kids especially kids who have special needs.

-Ruchi J.

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